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Review: Eraser Crimson by Megan Keith

Title: Eraser Lilac (Eraser #4)

Author: Megan Keith

Genre: Erotic Romance

Release Date: September 17th, 2014

Cover Design: Cover to Cover Designs


Mackenzie is only beginning to uncover the man beneath the mystery, yet she’s 
What he’s asking from her is more than she’s ever given before.
Her instincts have never let her down in the past, so relying on them now should 
A relationship needs all three to survive.
already falling for him hard and fast.
Be simple.
But this is different ...
Love is different ...
And relationships ... well, they’re uncharted territory.

Note: This novella is the fourth in a series that must be read in order. Mature readers only.
Contains explicit sex with BDSM type scenarios.


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Eraser series:

Eraser Blue:

Eraser Lilac:

OMG Megan has done it again. She has you on the edge of your seat and by the time you are finished you are flat out on the floor. Way to crush a woman's booty Megan.
Let me say this Eraser Crimson is the 4th book in this series. YOU HAVE TO READ IN ORDER. 
It is confirmed what Sir's name is. No I am not telling you. As much as Sir loves to hear Mack call him Sir, he loves his real name rolling off her tongue and vise versa. 
I swear this book was sex on a stick. They were doing it like bunnies LOL! Not that I am complaining. I mean just reading about sex with Sir makes me all hot and bothered. 
They each open up to one another on how they feel. Although Mack says she wants some space but on the other hand she wants Sir around all the time. Sir would love nothing more than to be with Mack 24/7. Shoot I would too!!
Right when I thought he was about to get down on one knee and propose. I was slapped in the face and was told "that is what you get for assuming!"
I mean OMG Megan right when everything was going smooth like ice cream you hit us with THAT!!! 
I guess like in every installment of Eraser as soon as things were going great something major had to happen. I can't believe she left us hanging like she did and now I have to wait for more. I really want to fly to Australia and pick it out of her head. I want to know what happens. You can't leave the book like you did and not expect some screaming. 
I encourage you all to read this series.

I feel Megan has outdone herself in writing an incredibly HOT, sexy story that delves into the lives of her characters Sir and Mack. 
I absolutely loved it. Without telling you too much, I LOVE that we find out more information on SIR. The ever elusive, secretive man, that has Mack tied up in knots!! Literally and figuratively!! Oh yes!!! Their chemistry is off the charts!! 
Then the ending will have you going OMG did that just happen??? Seriously good!!
Eraser Crimson is the 4th book in the Eraser series. You have to read the books in order, no question about it.
An incredible addition to such an amazing series. Well done Megan, you should be patting yourself on the back. 
I highly recommend this series…add them to your TBR list now!

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