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Reviews: Eraser Amber by Megan Keith

Title:                       Eraser Amber (Eraser #5)
Author:           Megan Keith
Genre:                                     Erotic Romance
Release Date:   October 17th, 2014
Cover Design:   Cover to Cover Designs


He wants Mackenzie, longs for her.
In a heartbeat his world came crashing down.
His actions broke her trust, yet she's the one paying the price.
Guilt suffocates him, he needs to fix this ... fix them.
Can he right the wrong before it’s too late?
Or is the desire they were once consumed with fading?

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Note: This series of novellas must be read in order.  Mature readers only.
Contains explicit sex with BDSM type scenarios.
The first four novellas are currently available from Amazon for 99c each.

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First of all, I want to say this series is a MUST READ!!!! If you haven’t read the first four books in this series then stop and start from the beginning. The books must be read in order. 
Holy hotness…I think Megan has done an incredible job writing this masterpiece.  For the first few chapters I shed more than a few tears, having had to message Megan, I had to tell her my heart was breaking, very badly indeed. No, I will not divulge why. You will also NEVER hear me mention Sir’s name either. 
If you recall what happened at the end of Eraser Crimson then you know who is in the hospital. What happens with Sir and Mack will undoubtedly leave you emotional, your heart beating fast or trying to escape the confines of your body!!! I know mine did!!
 I love the banter in this book as much as I love the other characters, Sir’s Mum & brother, Mack’s neighbour and her boss. They certainly add an interesting part to the story.
There is a particular scene which will make you feel incredibly HOT, fanning yourself and thinking…OMG!!!!!!!  I swear that part was off the charts HOT!!! Yes I know Ive said HOT too many times but in all honesty….read it for yourself, I just know you will share my sentiments!!!
We learn certain facts, we wonder what is going to happen and just when you think Sir will divulge something you turn the page and…..ahhhhhhhh. I swear I almost threw my kindle, but I didn’t as I am to attached to my precious, lol!!!
Read it, devour it and look forward to the next and final instalment in the lives of Sir and Mack. I know I certainly will. Eraser Platinum will be out November 17. Add it to your TBR list or you are missing out!! 

OK first let me start off with you have to read this series in ORDER. If you haven't then you will not know what is going on.

That being said......OMG!! Megan she knows how to put you on the edge of your seat and make you fall off. She knows how to lure you in an make you cry, and fall in love with Sir.

Eraser Amber picks up right where Crimson left off. Sir is so distraught over what happened. Mack all she does is push him away. It is like they are both playing cat in mouse but they are both the mouse. 
Mack wants him gone but she wants him near. Sir wants to stay but yet he leaves due to Mack's wishes. 
I wanted to reach my hand in the story and knock their heads together. 
"Wake the hell up" 
It was a roller coaster of emotions. You're crying because of Mack being in the hospital. 
Then your all hot and bothered because of the freaking fantastic sex they are having. 
Hey Megan can you put me in one of your books having some awesome sex???? 

There needs to be a t-shirt out there saying "Be warned Megan likes cliffies" OMG like I said before right when things are going well something comes out of Sir's mouth and you are left with WHAT IN THE SAM HELL???

I can't wait to read Eraser Platinum and finish this series out. I really want to know what in the hell Sir has to tell Mack now. I mean what else could there be?? You drive me good crazy Megan.

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