Monday, November 17, 2014

Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: One Night: Denied by Jodi Ellen Malpas

The passion that burned between Livy and Miller in One Night: Promised may end up destroying them both in this new novel of overwhelming desire and shocking discoveries...

He's amazingly wealthy, sinfully gorgeous, and can bring her to heights of pleasure she's never before known. For Livy, there's no turning back. She's determined to be the light in Miller Hart's dark world. Yet this new life comes with a steep price...

Miller knows that the power he possesses hasn't come without sacrifices-but he won't let Livy be one of them. Though he wants nothing more than to have her in every way, his first duty is to protect her at all costs...from his sins, his enemies, and especially himself.

But as their insatiable affair intensifies, the two attract the attention of an obsessive-and dangerous-third party. Discovering new revelations about Miller that rock her to the core, Livy will have to decide whether he's ruined beyond repair. And he must face his fear that in order to save her, he may have to lose her after all...

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This was a rather interesting book in the One Night trilogy I have to say! I found the first part a bit distracting as I just couldn’t get into it and at one point I was a bit confused at the ending of Ch10 & beginning of Ch11, thinking have I missed something??? But I kept on reading and really enjoyed the rest.
I love Livy!! Her Nan is a hoot, I think we'd all love a Nan like her! Miller is sort of creeping into my heart when he is worshipping Livy! The man oozes sex right??
Livy's best friend Gregory is a great friend until something happens then he gives her an ultimatum! Oh I really felt for her at that point.
What we find out in this book will almost have you crying, screaming at Miller, wondering why William persists and how important love really is!! Miller & Livy must come to terms with some things, their fascination & love is somewhat hampered by Millers job, of course.
The ending is not really a big cliffhanger but you can understand why they are about to do something they have to do.
I don't know how I am going to wait till End of January/ early February for the next book though, I am sure the wait will be difficult and I look forward to seeing what happens and how the trilogy ends.
This book has a hell of a lot of drama, some hot scenes and some truths emerge! Miller is still intriguing in my eyes despite what he does for a living and despite some of the unique Miller things he does.
Is it February yet?

About the Author:

Jodi Ellen Malpas was born and raised in the Midlands town of Northampton, England, where she lives with her two boys. Working for her father’s construction business full time, she tried to ignore the lingering idea of writing until it became impossible. She wrote in secret for a long time before finally finding the courage to unleash her creative streak, and in October 2012 she released This Man. She took a chance on a story with some intense characters and sparked incredible reactions from women all over the world. Writing powerful love stories and creating addictive characters have become her passion - a passion she now shares with her devoted readers

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