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Blog Tour & Review by Irene: Dante's Redemption by Jaime Whitley

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Dante Santoro knew he was destined for great things. Growing up with two dead beat parents, Dante was forced to become an adult before his time. Deciding to change the world, Dante distanced himself from the only life he knew, the life of drugs and crime.
After going through school and training, Dante became a detective in the local police force. Keeping focused on getting drugs off the streets, he limited friends and outside connections.
Finding himself the perfect candidate to go undercover, he never anticipated the one person he thought was safe could jeopardize it all.
Will Dante be able to succeed at making the streets a safer place or will his destiny alter the course of the life he lives forever?


It’s so easy to think you’re invincible when you’re a kid. No one tells you any different, so you’re led to believe that you’re untouchable. When you play with your GI Joes, Snake Eyes always takes down the bad guys; and good always prevails over evil. Your parents just smile and watch you play and protect your innocence. Then you grow up and you learn that good doesn’t always win. In the end we all die, there is no escaping the fact that we won’t live forever. When your time is up, it’s up. There’s no cheating death. I always knew growing up I was destined to make something great of myself. I was going to have purpose in this ugly world and bring some beauty into it. I just didn’t know how I was going to do it. It’s hard to find yourself when your mother’s a drug addict and your dad walked out on you at the age of four. Not really the best role models for a kid. Most people would use that as their excuse to slack off and not have to follow the rules. Feel entitled to do whatever the fuck they wanted because life handed them a shitty hand. Not me, I took it as my chance to prove to everyone out there that there are no excuses; you create your own future. I studied hard through school and my grades excelled. I joined every sports team I could to keep myself busy so I wouldn’t have to go home to my mom. I eventually had to get a part-time job at an auto shop to help pay for my food. My mother never seemed to care if I had food on the table. The only thing she cared about was how she was going to get her next fix I had no choice but to provide for myself or I would go hungry. Still, I never resented her. Her addiction made me stronger and taught me that hard work pays off. Fast forward and here I am, thirty years old and a DEA Agent with a nice record of busts under my belt. Ironic isn’t it? I grew up with a drug addict and now I take down drug dealers. Dante Santoro, the biggest walking contradiction to the drug world. Nice to meet you.




Jaime Nicole Whitley is a wife and a stay at home mom to her two children. She grew up in New Jersey where she continued her education and became a medical assistant. She now lives in North Carolina where her husband is stationed with the Army. Jaime also co-writes novels under the name Lena Nicole.


Dante's Redemption is a love story with a twist of OMG what!!

Dante who didn't have a great up bringing turned his life around and made a name for himself in law enforcement. 
I could relate with Dante when it came to his childhood and his mother.

Dante never knew what love was until he met Joe and his family. He never actually thought he would fall in love and want to be with that person.

Ava walked into his life and changed everything. Their relationship went from an arrangement to them being together all the time and much much more.

Their banter was great, they always seemed to joke with one another when the other person needed a lift me up. Their sex, love making was refreshing. No harsh "I am going to tie you up and have my way with you". They worked well together when it comes to bringing in their mark.

Secrets are told as lie's are unfolded. Both Ava and Dante kind of get a wake up call.

There is a point in this Dante's story where you will want to get a tissue or two. He comes to terms with his mother, and his feeling for Ava. However the life and job of his career gets in the way and fate steps in.

Like I said there are parts where you will go OMG what did I just read? 

You need to get this book really you do. Jaime has done it again. You can add Dante to your list of book boyfriends and Ava to your kick ass book girlfriends.

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