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Review by Maimeo's Angels: Hearts on Fire by Ashli Rose

It has been five years since Ava Kingston left her parent’s home in New Jersey. She ran and never looked back; all because of one night. One night that could’ve changed her life forever. Now living in Chicago, working as a journalist, Ava thinks her life is finally where it should be. She is working towards a promotion, has a great family and a few amazing friends. What more could a girl want? Just when Ava comes to a calming sense of closure in her life, her past reappears in the form of the “Hunks in Uniform” calendar. Will Ava’s feelings for this fearless firefighter resurface, against her better judgment, or will Ava try to forget the one person she ever really loved?
Gavin Sawyer is a Chicago firefighter who is stopping many women’s hearts as a model for the “Hunks in Uniform” calendar. Gavin only tried out for the calendar because of her. The one person who knew he was worthy of such prestige. He knew how much she wanted him to do it, but then she was gone. Without a warning, Ava left Gavin behind with a broken heart and bruised ego. He loved her, but she ran. One fatal accident has separated them forever. Now, five years later, Gavin will stop at nothing to win her back. A chance encounter with Ava sets his heart on fire and proves that old feelings really do die hard.

Hi Everyone! I am Ashli Rose. I am a Jersey girl born and raised. I live in Bergen County with my husband Patrick and our 2 year old daughter Laila. When I am not writing, I can be found reading, watching Gossip Girl or The Office and doing puzzles with my daughter. I am so excited to be bringing you Hearts on Fire and I hope you love it as much as I do :)



3.5 Star Review Hearts on Fire by Ashli Rose
 I received this ARC for an honest review.
Hearts on Fire by Ashli Rose is her debut novel and for her first attempt I was impressed. A contemporary romance, this book was about getting a second chance at love, despite continued miscommunication between the hero and heroine.
This is the story of Gavin Sawyer a hunky firefighter who many years ago was Ava Kingston’s first love. Ava left her home and Gavin and ran. Five years later, her job as a writer for a magazine requires her to interview the models for Hunks In Uniform a fundraising calendar of which Gavin is Mr. August.
Obviously there is still a strong spark of passion and lust between them, unfinished business perhaps?  The characters spoke to me, although I did spend a fair amount of time wanting to smack and scream at them both. Talk about miscommunication. Just when you think they are back on track, something occurs to derail them time and again.
The storyline was interesting, although I got lost a little, as it jumped from past to present day. I feel it would have benefited more if it had been longer. I don’t think the length of the novel did the author or her reader’s justice as the story appeared rushed in places. Of course as this is Ashli Rose’s first book, I expect that as she writes more books, the depth of the stories will evolve.
Having said that, Heart’s on Fire is was well written and I really enjoyed reading it.  There is steamy sex and so much angst you just want to cheer and hope that these two can stop making each other crazy long enough to listen, really listen to each other and get to the HEA that they so obviously want and need. The other minor characters in the book were great support and I have to say I really enjoyed Ava’s sister Bree and I believe she is the subject of the next book in the series.
This series has great potential and I will not hesitate to read more from this author as she continues to grow with experience. Well done Ashli Rose on a great debut…
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