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Review by Maimeo's Angels: Hearts on Fire Book 2 (The Law of Love) by Ashli Rose

It has been five years since Ava Kingston left her parents’ house in New Jersey. She ran and never looked back, all because of one night. One night that could’ve changed her life forever. Now living in Chicago, working as a journalist, Ava thinks her life is finally where it should be. She is working toward a promotion, has a great family, and a few amazing friends. What more could a girl want? Just when Ava comes to a calming sense of closure in her life, her past reappears in the form of the Hunks in Uniform calendar. Will Ava’s feelings for this fearless firefighter resurface against her better judgment? Or will Ava try to forget the one person she ever really loved? 
Gavin Sawyer is a Chicago firefighter who is stopping many women’s hearts as a model for the Hunks in Uniform calendar. Gavin only tried out for the calendar because of her—the one person who knew he was worthy of such prestige. He knew how much she wanted him to do it, but then she was gone. Without a warning, Ava left Gavin behind with a broken heart and bruised ego. He loved her, but she ran. One night separated them forever. Now, five years later, Gavin will stop at nothing to win her back. A chance encounter with Ava sets his heart on fire and proves that old feelings really do die hard. 

Hi Everyone! I am Ashli Rose author of the new novel Hearts on Fire in the Hearts on Fire Series. 
I am a Jersey girl born and raised. I live in Bergen county with my wonderful husband Patrick and our beautiful, two year old daughter, Laila. I love spending time with my family, watching teen shows(I'm a sucker for PLL and Teen Wolf), taking pictures of my daughter, and shopping for shoes that I will never have enough money to buy. I am obsessed with all things Michael Kors and would purchase all of his bags if I could. 
I graduated with a BA in English from NJCU and during the day I am a Pre-K teacher to 30 energetic four and five year olds. Between them and my two year old it's a miracle that I found the time to writ this book. It has always been a dream of mine to write a book, it wasn't until the New Year that I decided to make my dream a reality. I am so happy to FINALLY bring Hearts on Fire to you. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I've enjoyed writing it. 

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This is book two of the Hearts on Fire series and is the story of Gabrielle “Bree” Kingston and Louis Mercado.

As I expected, there has been a great deal of improvement with this second book from Ashli Rose. You can tell that her confidence has increased and experience has been gained.

Louis asks Bree to move to New York to live with him and when Bree is unexpectedly let go from her job it seems the dye has been cast and a new adventure awaits her in New York. However, Bree’s past and her shameful secret (her opinion) come back to haunt her as Louis accidentally finds out what she has been hiding.

I really enjoyed this story, particularly since parts of the book dealt with a serious issue often found and hidden by young women. The subject matter was handled well, carefully and without judgement from the author.

I fell in love with Louis. His obvious love for Bree was beautiful to read about. Not just his love but his support, strength, commitment and integrity in trying to help Bree. I also admired Bree and her determination to face her demons and fight to overcome them.

The sex between these two sizzled, so much so that the term monkey sex came to mind. Bree and Louis were forever going off to satisfy their lust, sometimes in the most inappropriate places.

This book was not as rushed as Ashli Rose’s first in the series. However, having said that I do feel that she could have perhaps gone for a short novel length rather than a novella. There was more than enough in the story line to warrant a longer book. Bree and Louis’s journey tugged at my heart and at times I was concerned that they might not get to their happily ever after. Thankfully after a great deal on angst and heartache, they finally got what I feel they both deserved.

There have been hints in the first two books that all is not going well for the oldest sister Elise and her husband Peter. So much so, that on occasion, whilst reading this story I wanted to punch Peter out. . I believe the author is currently writing this book to complete the trilogy. Perhaps if we are lucky, the book may be a longer length and we are able to find out what is going on in the lives of Ava and Gavin and Bree and Louis. I certainly hope so.

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