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Review by Maimeo's Angels: Back Where We Belong by Alana Hart & Caia Fox

A love destroyed. A life in ruins. How can there ever be a second chance for us? 

Anything can happen in a year. You can fall head over heels in love with a hot guy you meet on the beach. And before the year is out, your whole life can be torn apart, without either of you able to do a damn thing about it. 

I thought Luke (and love itself) were out of my life forever. But forever is a long time. When fate gives us a second chance, am I too broken by the terrifying events of the past to learn to love again? 

This new adult romance will break your heart and mend it, but not leave you wondering. This is a standalone novel with no cliffhanger. If you like your your heroes dominant and sexy and your romance extra steamy and hot (and a little dark in places) curl up and enjoy a roller coaster ride!

4.5 star 

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.
Both these authors were new to me and I have to say I really enjoyed their writing style. 
Madison is on vacation and spends her time at the beach as she would rather be anywhere than the house where her parents are constantly arguing.  Her family life is unpleasant to say the least. Whilst at the beach she meets a local man called Luke. He is like a breath of fresh air to Madison and they strike up a friendship that eventually turns into something far more. They both have plans, Madison to go to college and Luke intends to make his first billion and be an extremely successful business man.
Luke cannot believe how hard he has fallen for the shy Madison, as he has always been something of a player. Madison on the other hand cannot believe that such a gorgeous guy could be interested in her. 
This book is all about a second chance at love. It makes you realise what can happen to change the course of a life in the blink of an eye. Torn apart by circumstances, both Madison and Luke are left hurt, angry and alone. Each wondering what happened to the other.
Life is a roller-coaster and this book certainly takes the participants and the readers on one heck of a ride.
When fate re connects Madison and Luke, it is a vastly changed Madison that Luke sees. She is so scared that she runs away again, knowing she cannot face him. Luke is determined to find her and demand the truth as to why she left him and why see now seems so fearful..
This was a really good read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The subject matter was handled extremely well and I admire Madison’s eventually strength. I have to say if I was in trouble I would want Luke on my side. When they finally discuss the past and set things straight between them, you just wanted to cheer. The fact that Luke helps Madison with closure and to move on from her traumatic past, just made me fall more in love with him.
I will certainly be reading more from these authors and have no hesitation in recommending this book.

Alana Hart

Alana Hart is an American romance writer who decided that writing with friends is better than writing alone. Hartfelt Books brings together a huge group of sweet and steamy romance authors, collaborating on a new line of books that will have your heart pounding. 
When she's not skyping and sharing her latest collaboration on googledocs, she's typing away in her local coffee shop with a hot chocolate, complete with marshmallows and extra whipped cream, on hand. She claims it makes her happy ever afters that much sweeter!

Caia Fox

Caia here! I love to create sexy stories that make you glad to be alive. Hot sex, emotional ups and downs and happy endings abound, and no one gets hurt unless they beg to be punished.

You'll find my titles and covers are often much tamer than my stories. If you want to get a feel for the heat level of the content, please use the "Look Inside" feature on each book. I'm just going to say here that if you read with oven mitts and spare panties, you should be okay. 

Alana Hart

Caia Fox

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