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Blog Tour, Reviews by Jackie & Maimeo's Angels: Filthy Dirty Alpha by Grace Moran

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Title: Filthy Dirty Alpha (Complete Series)
Author: Grace Morgan
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: September 28, 2015


I own Second Circle, the hottest underground sex club in Texas. And as hard as it is, pun intended, I’ve learned better than to fuck with the playthings at my club. It only leads to trouble. But being twenty-seven, well-hung, and a millionaire, coupled with a brand of kink that makes most romance novels look like nursery rhymes, it’s a magnet for pussy.
The one exception to that rule seems to be the tight-assed reporter named Lola who joins Second Circle seeking answers about the girl who went missing from my club last year. Her only objective is to solve a mystery, while mine is to fuck her senseless. Good luck, pet, you’re going to need it.  

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Bondage. Exhibitionism. Voyeurism. The words echoed in my head. “Any of those excite you?” he asked, his mischievous blue eyes dancing on mine. I’d practiced my answers the whole ride over, almost running a red light as I rehearsed what I would say when asked this very question. Now, though, seated at the bar that looked like it could’ve been the centerpiece of any number of trendy restaurants or clubs in the city, the words wouldn’t come. Because this wasn’t just any bar, it was the lounge inside Second Circle, Austin’s most notorious and highly secretive sex club. I could only sit here, frozen, unable to think of a single damn thing to say. Clearing his throat, the man tried again. “What aspects are you most interested in Miss...Lola? “Penis.” “We’ll get to that later, sweetheart. Promise.” He winked. Snatching my eyes away from the impressively large bulge at the front of his pants, horror set in as I realized what had just come out of my mouth. Oh dear God. My face turned as red as a beet, and I muttered a curse. How could I be screwing this up so horribly when I’d only been here for minutes? “Do you need a moment?” There was a hint of laughter in his voice, as though he knew how hard I was fighting to compose myself and was willing to let me give it my best before moving on. “Ah, no. I’m sorry, I was just...distracted.” He smiled at me, his blue eyes crinkling at the corners. As co-owner of the club, Carter was gracious enough to provide an overview, but it felt more like casual flirting, something I was obviously out of practice with. “Don’t worry, I can have that effect on women."  

4 Star   

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.
Filthy Dirty Alpha: This is Grace Morgan’s debut novel and as one of my favourite genres is BDSM, I was intrigued by the synopsis and therefore when offered to our blog, I was pleased to put my hand up to review.  This is an erotic book with kink and mystery all rolled into one.  
Lola is a reporter, determined to find out what has happened to missing woman, Hope who was last seen leaving the Second Circle, the hottest underground sex club in Texas. Burke is co-owner of the Second Circle, a millionaire who is a totally dominant alpha male, ruthless and determined when going after what he wants; and make no mistake he wants Lola.
Burke is immediately attracted to Lola and once he finds out what her real intent is in visiting the club, comes up with a deal that Lola inevitably cannot resist accepting. In exchange for living with him for 30 days, he will allow Lola unfettered access to the club, staff, members and security tapes to assist in her search for what happened to Hope. 
Lola is determined to find her answers and solve the mystery, whilst Burke is determined that she explore her submissive tendencies and eventually submit to him. He isn’t interested in developing feelings for her and in fact unlike his co-owner in the club, Carter who is laid back and easy to get on with, Burke hold himself back. Lola is totally unprepared for the nights which Burke controls as he introduces her to the world of BDSM with sizzling results.
What secrets lie hidden under the surface? What is Burke determined to keep Lola from finding out?   Filthy Dirty Secrets: This is the continuation of Burke and Lola’s story. In this book more secrets are revealed with devastating consequences to the relationship which has been developing between Burke and Lola. Also revealed is the reason why Lola is so passionate in her investigation into what happened to Hope. When Lola finally gets the break in her investigation she is looking for, she is unprepared for what she finds out. Who is really involved in Hope’s disappearance and why? Could it really be Burke or even Carter?
Filthy Dirty Fate: This is the conclusion to Burke and Lola’s story. Lola is shocked when she goes with her intuition to accompany Carter in her search for the truth about what happened to Hope. Devastated that Burke has tried to stop her, Lola is absolutely shocked by what she finds out. Can Burke and Lola get through yet another series of miscommunication and lack of trust? Both are too scared to take a risk, even though Carver encourages them to talk to each other. There is also the issue of the article that Lola was originally tasked with writing to consider. If she writes the story about Hope then she betrays her, if she writes about the Second Circle, she betrays Burke. She is in a no win situation. 
Will Burke and Lola finally talk and acknowledge the love they feel for each other, or will they run away? You will need to read these stories to find out and I recommend you do. This trilogy was a great read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  
I really enjoyed this series and look forward to reading more from Grace Morgan.

5 star 
I was given this book for a honest review
Filthy Dirty Alpha: The Complete Trilogy is set in a BDSM club in Austin Texas. Book one Filthy Dirty Alpha is Grace Morgan's debut novel and what a novel.
Carter and Burke are the  billionaire owners of Second Circle and Lola is a reporter who is trying to track down a missing person, Hope disappeared after a night at Second Circle and Lola is convinced that the owners know more than they are telling her. After being introduced to the world of BDSM Lola discovers its a world she could enjoy and not just the kink she always thought it was..
Filthy Dirty Secrets is Lola and Burkes story. Lola agreed to give Burke 30 days but she is finding it hard to give him what he wants as finding Hope is taking over and although it started of as just a job assignment its become so much more. As she finds more information on Hope she discovers the owners of Second Circle are not all they seem to be, lies have been told, can she still give Burke his 30 days..
When she least expects it help comes from a most unlikely source.
Filthy Dirty Fate is the final installment in this trilogy. Will Hope be discovered, Will Hope want to be discovered and who helped her disappear....
Will Lola and Burke get their HEA ......
I loved this trilogy, Grace has given us a love story that had mystery and intrigue as well as some hot sex and a introduction to BDSM.
I will certainly be looking for more from Grace Morgan

About The Author
Grace Morgan is a Midwestern girl who kicked off her snow boots and ran west to the land of sunshine and flip flops. You can find her sipping cocktails with her girl posse, going on epically bad blind dates, and pretending to be prim and proper while she dreams up steamy scenes, alpha bad boys, and sassy heroines.

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