Saturday, October 3, 2015

Review by Maimeo's Angels: Something Different by Nia Farrell

Singer/songwriter Anna James is getting desperate. Even with a day job, money’s tight, and she’s wound tighter yet, having sworn off sex to reconcile with her mother who’s in chemo and her father who disowned her for her wild, wicked ways. No sooner than her psychic best friend predicts an end to Anna’s self-imposed drought, rock stars Jackson and Jacob Thomason come to town, with the dream of an indie album co-written with local American Indian flutist Nico White and his songwriting partner AJ McPherson.

Jackson and Jacob are attracted to Anna, who gives as good as she gets. Learning that Anna’s alter ego AJ puts the “twist” in Nico’s “tribal” music only makes them want her more. The part-Comanche Thomason twins need an album’s worth of songs. That means spending night after night, working closely, getting to know each other, learning how to co-create.

Anna’s never written music with anyone but Nico. They’re comfortable with each other. The Thomason twins, who perform as No Mercy, make her anything but. What’s a fangirl to do, when submitting to her rock star idols means exploring the darker side of passion?

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4.5 Star 

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  
This is the second book in The Three Graces series and I was really looking forward to reading it. I loved the first book in the series Something Else and couldn’t wait to see how Singer/songwriter Anna James story would go down.
Anna is living a lie, due to family obligations she has closed herself off and has abstained from sex of any kind. She was the black sheep of the family and is now trying to fit in and not cause waves. Her only outlet is the music that flows through and from her that she writes and plays with Nico. Her best friend, Grace, has always known that Anna would have two men who want to share Anna, what Anna didn’t know was that they would be rock stars and twin brothers Jackson and Jacob Thomason.  
Jackson and Jacob come to town to work with Nico and his writing partner, not knowing that AJ is in fact Anna James. What starts off as a musical collaboration soon morphs into something so much more. I really enjoyed this story. Nia Farrell did not disappoint. Although Something Different is a heavier BDSM read, than its predecessor, it was well written and flowed well. I cannot wait for more in this series. Again my only complaint, and it really isn’t a complaint, is that just when it got really interesting, the book finished. These books could well have been full length novels. They are that good.

Nia Farrell has been writing for pleasure since junior high. Now that she writes about pleasure, she can share the fantasy worlds she visits and introduce readers to characters who remain with her long after their tales are told.

When crafting a story, Nia draws upon a rich diversity of life experiences, which include singer/songwriter, prize winning needle artist, private pilot, Reiki Master/Teacher, crystal healer, psychic fair reader, jewelry maker, physician's assistant, factory worker, waitress, genealogist, period reenactor, and children's author. If this life isn't enough, there are plenty of others to choose from. Otherwise, she devotes hours of research to subjects outside her realm, determined that her stories ring true.

Nia lives on a farm in Southern Illinois (far, far from Chicago, in the heart of "Little Egypt"). A seventh generation Illinoisan, she is descended from Mayflower Pilgrims, American soldiers from the Revolutionary War to World War II, and Scottish nobility. She enjoys playing in the past and visits Ren fairs and historical reenactments in period attire, sharing her love of history and her passion for music. While her husband and two grown daughters may only read her nonfiction work, she appreciates their support in pursuing her dreams, one of which is being published in erotic romance.

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