Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Review by Jackie: Chrome:With a Heart Forged in Steele (Carolina Bad Boys #4) by Rie Warren

Boomer Steele is big. He’s bad. He’s the Retribution MC pres. He’s been dealt the worst hand imaginable and bears the scars inside and out. Not that anyone knows it. He’s watched his younger brother and sister hook up and hitch up with the loves of their lives, and now he’s the last Steele standing alone. Maybe he should keep it that way.

Then one feisty honey makes him feel, gets in his grill, pisses him off.

She goes by the name of Rayce. And that’s exactly what she does on her motocross bike when she’s not busy getting her hands dirty with her fellow grease monkeys as the only female mechanic at Stone’s Garage. She’s into fixing bikes, racing hers, and making Boomer’s life a living hell just for the fun of it. Oh, and she hates being treated like a girl.

Sparks flying? That’s an understatement where these two are concerned. Yet when Rayce needs a place to live, and Boomer offers her a room in his house, their unquenchable attraction wins out over antagonism. Sometimes. Rayce’s crappy upbringing makes her think love is for stupid fools asking for heartbreak. She’s not willing to go there for any man. Not even Boomer Steele.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
Note to readers: this book addresses the issue of domestic abuse.

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5 Star 
I was given this book for a honest review.
I have read Bad Boys of Retribution but The Carolina Bad Boys are new to me and as this was book 4 in this series I wasn't sure if I needed to read previous books. No worries there because the main character is the President of the Retribution MC and he is Steele's brother, I jumped straight in and could not put this book down. 
Boomer is a big tattooed badass with a real dirty mouth. He is used to women falling all over him and is happy to love them and leave them, He is not into commitment.
Rayce is a tiny sassy woman who works at the local garage so she has to be tough and mouthy just to get by. All the guys want to protect her all except Boomer who falls head over heels for her when he walks into the garage and see's her covered in grease and bent over a car.......
Both Boomer and Rayce have issues some from the past and some that are happening now. Will she let him help her and will he tell her his darkest secret ........
This book is told from Boomer's POV and its not just a romance with a biker it was funny in parts and hot as hell in parts but it  also dealt with some horrific situations that brought a tear to my eye.   
I will be going back and reading books one to three in The Carolina Bad Boys Series even though I feel you could read this as a standalone.
Rie Warren has given us another great read

A Yankee transplant via the UK and other wild journeys, Rie happily landed in Charleston, South Carolina, with her English artisan husband and their two small daughters--one an aspiring diva, the other a future punk rocker. After earning her degree in Fine Arts, Rie promptly gave up paintbrushes and canvas for paper and pen (because she decided being a writer was equally as good an idea as being an artist, of course it was). That was fifteen years ago, her writing career started! With a manuscript of super epic proportions! Safely stored under a lace doily in a filing cabinet. Possibly in England . . .

Since then she's done this and that, here and there, usually in the nonprofit arena, until she returned to her dream of being a writer. Even though Rie basks in the glorious southern sunshine as often as she can, she's mostly a nocturnal creature adjourning to her writer's atelier (spare bedroom) in search of her next devious plot twist or delicious passionate tryst. 

No matter what genre or gender pairing she's writing, she combines a sexy southern edge with humor and heart--and a taste of darkness. 

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