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Review by Maimeo's Angels: Icing by Kelly Jamieson

Hailed by Jami Davenport as her “go-to author for hockey romance,” the bestselling author of the Heller Brothers Hockey series sets the ice ablaze with another sexy novel featuring the gorgeous men of the Chicago Aces.

Duncan Armstrong may be an NHL star, but he’s a country boy at heart. His ultimate fantasy is going home with the Stanley Cup, not a gold-digging airhead who aspires to be a trophy wife and nothing more. Newly single and hoping to enjoy a night out with his teammates, he ends up hitting it off with a down-to-earth waitress who’s a complete breath of fresh air—until Duncan learns that she’s a part-time model. He tries to forget about her, but their sizzling chemistry has him coming back for more.

Amber is working hard to put herself through school, and has zero interest in dating a professional athlete. She’s seen firsthand how fame and fortune can mess with their heads—her father’s brilliant football career ended in a firestorm of addiction and infidelity. So Duncan’s attentions immediately have her on the defensive. Still, there’s something different about him. And once she stops trying to freeze him out, irresistible temptation turns into all-consuming passion.

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4 Star 
I was given this book in exchange for an honest review through the publisher and Netgalley 
Book 2 in the Aces hockey series and can be read as a standalone. Over the last few years I have been reading more and more stories about hockey and thoroughly enjoy them. Kelly Jamieson has done a great job with this series. 
This is the story of Duncan Armstrong, a country boy at heart, living and working in the big city, looking for someone who will love him for himself and not for his reputation as an NHL player. 
Having just become single, he wants to enjoy life and goes out with his fellow teammates. There he meets Amber, a waitress who attracts his attention until he realises that she is also a part time model. Amber has no time for romance, working 2 jobs to put herself through school and support her mother and the last thing she wants is to be attracted to a professional athlete.
However, fate can be a cruel mistress. The attraction between Duncan and Amber is almost instantaneous although they do their best to ignore it. However, some things are just meant to be. 
Add to the mix, sexy and hot hockey players and this series is a winner. I enjoyed reading Duncan and Amber story and how they get together. Duncan is caring, a protector and I really loved him. Amber is determined to succeed without his gifts and that made her all the more endearing to me.
I enjoy Ms. Jamieson’s writing style and recommend this series if you like hot and oh so sexy hockey players. 
I was given this book in exchange for an honest review through the publisher and Netgalley 
I look forward to reading more in this series….

Kelly Jamieson writes romances with heat that's sweet. Her writing has been described as “emotionally complex”, “sweet and satisfying” and “blisteringly sexy”. If she can stop herself from reading or writing, she loves to cook. She has shelves of cookbooks that she reads at length. She also enjoys gardening in the summer, and in the winter she likes to read gardening magazines and seed catalogues (there might be a theme here...) She also loves shopping, especially for clothes and shoes. But her family takes precedence over everything else (yes, even writing). She has two teenage children who are the best kids in the world, not that she’s biased, and a wonderful husband who does loads of laundry while she plays on the computer writing stories.

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