Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Reviews by Jackie & Maimeo's Angels for Dangerously Sweet by Angela Evans

 Blake “Dex” Dexter has been undercover so long, and so deep, that even he can’t separate the real Dex from his cover story anymore. A week in Barefoot Bay would sound like paradise to anyone else, but to Dex, it sounds like way too much time to spend alone with his own thoughts until he meets Amelia Barton, then he thinks it might not be enough time. 
Amelia Barton had her whole life planned out like she plans a recipe for one of her decadent cakes, but somewhere along the way she got seriously off track. When a cheating fiancée is exposed she decides to take her dream honeymoon alone. Barefoot Bay feels more like home to her than she’s ever felt in Alaska. And then there’s the sexy cop who seems unsure whether he wants to pull her closer, or keep her at arm’s length. Amelia knows which one she wants him to do.
When Dex’s cover is blown and the drug cartel follows him to Barefoot Bay, Amelia is suddenly a target. Dex is determined to keep her safe, but the only way he can see to do that is by keeping her away from him. Amelia has finally found the recipe for her sweet life, but can she convince Dex that their love is worth the risk?

This was a new author to me and the premise sounded interesting and intriguing as it is set in Roxanne St. Claire's Barefoot Bay Kindle World; however it can be read as a standalone.
I have not read either of these authors and I have only just recently discovered the Barefoot Bay Kindle World; having said that I was easily able to read this book without any problems.  
Blake “Dex” Dexter is an undercover cop, deeply immersed in his cover, so much so that he can no longer separate what is truth and what is fiction. When he is forced to take some time away from his assignment (by his boss who fears he is in imminent danger of burning out) he heads begrudgingly to Barefoot Bay to attend his mother’s wedding.
His disposition changes when he meets Amelia Barton, a baker from Alaska, escaping the memories of a cheating her ex-fiancée, a job she dislikes and determined to make her escape so decides to take her planned honeymoon on her own, also in Barefoot Bay.
Trouble follows Dex when his cover is blown and the drug cartel he infiltrated is out for revenge putting not only him but Amelia in the path of extreme danger.
Will Dex save Amelia by backing away; or will he take a chance on love and dive in?  
Dangerously Sweet is a quick read, full of suspense, danger, humour and streamy interludes, well written and a book I thoroughly enjoyed. I will certainly be looking to read more from Angela Evans.

This is a new author to me but I loved the other Barefoot Bay Kindle World book I read so this really was always going to be on TBR, after all was not to love about a place where" You don't need shoes. This is Barefoot Bay"
Amelia is stuck in a ruck working in the kitchen of her families lodge in Alaska and when she finds out her fiancé is cheating on her she has the perfect excuse to take off to Barefoot Bay to clear her head and work out what she wants to do with her life.
Dex is an undercover cop who has been undercover for too long so when his boss forces him to take a vacation he heads to Barefoot Bay where his mum is getting married.
There is no doubting this couple have chemistry but what I loved was how this author makes you feel, it's like you know the resort you can smell the sea and feel the breeze. I will be looking for more from Angela Evans and The Barefoot Bay Kindle World Series.

As a child, Angela remembers her mother telling friends that Angela would read anything she could get her hands on, even the back of the cereal box. That changed when she discovered romance novels as a teenager, secretly reading her mother’s entire collection of Kathleen E. Woodiwiss and being amazed at how captivating the stories were. She knew that writing romance novels was what she wanted to do for a living.

Angela lives in Southern Illinois (think St. Louis, not Chicago) where she is living her own happily ever after with her husband of over 20 years, their two teenage children, a very spoiled white German shepherd and two equally spoiled cats. When she’s not writing she loves reading, cooking, and photography.

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