Thursday, October 6, 2016

Review by Jackie: Mowed by Grace Risata


Curvy girl Pepper is accustomed to flying under everyone’s radar. Being a big girl hasn’t led to many dates or exciting adventures. All of that was about to change.

Through the small-town rumor mill, Pepper learns her old teenage crush just moved back to town. Jason was the star quarterback, prom king, and also Pepper’s neighbor from across the street.

One day he sees Pepper out mowing the lawn and makes her an offer of no-strings attached, no-holds barred sex that has the potential to benefit them both.

Nothing quite turns out the way either of them thought it would.

Click to look inside and find out what happens when the simple act of mowing the lawn turns into so much more…

WARNING: This story contains a plentiful amount of graphic sex scenes (over EIGHT of them…yes, I counted…including ones involving Barbeque Sauce, Pirates, Ice Cubes, and Handcuffs). They are all M/F and absolutely consensual. If you’re looking for a sick, twisted, dark tale – please go elsewhere, you will NOT find it here. All my stories come with a guarantee that you will crack a smile, find a happily-ever-after ending, and never have to deal with an annoying cliffhanger. There’s also no cheating, no love triangles, no unicorns, and no murder.



This book is a great mix of romance and humor and it had me laughing out loud at times.
Jason was the guy Pepper had a secret crush on in high school and he has just broken up with his wife and moved back to his parents basement opposite Pepper's mums house. Pepper has just split from her boyfriend and his parting comment to her was you need to lose some weight...
The fun begins when Jason sees Pepper mowing her mother's lawn and he makes an indecent proposal of no strings attached sex. Pepper could never refuse this offer after all she has lusted after him for years. What follows is some crazy wild sex sessions but it's the banter between these two that really got me hooked.
This book is not just about the sex it's about real life, a woman who has lost all her self convidence because of weight issues and a man who believes true love is not possible after all what else would you think when you find your wife in bed with another man. Both Jason and Pepper have trust issues and part of the enjoyment of this book was watching them learn to trust each other and watching their love grow. There were sad moments in this book but there were also some hilarious moments and the author got the mix perfect. Loved this book and looking forward to more from Grace Risata.

I would first and foremost like to thank everyone for taking the time to give my stories a chance. My goal is to take you out of your world, and all the stresses that go along with everyday life, and bring you into my world of romance and fantasy. I have a special weakness for hot alpha males and the feisty heroines who love them. Above all else, I hope you got a laugh out of my book. I aim to incorporate as much comedy into my romance as is humanly possible. 
My professional biography is as follows (I’m not sure why it’s in the third person, evidently that’s the rule): Grace is happiest when reading, eating Portillos hot dogs, and patiently waiting for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

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