Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Release Blitz & Review by Jackie: Scoring Her by Max Monroe

The end of the Billionaire Bad Boy era, the series comes to a close.

From Kline and Benny to Wes and Winnie with Thatch and Cassie in between, spend time with the characters that have stolen the hearts of both each other and readers alike, and meet the men of the upcoming spinoff series Mavericks Tackle Love.

Suggested Series Reading order: 
#1 Tapping the Billionaire 
#1.5 Tapping Her 
#2 Banking the Billionaire 
#2.5 Banking Her
#3 Scoring the Billionaire 
#3.5 Scoring Her

Disclaimer: 9 out of 10 early readers claimed some combination of heart palpitations, sobbing, and incoherent muttering about it "not being the end" when coming to the final pages of Scoring Her. Use caution when reading.
*Some evidence suggests the Acknowledgements may lessen the side effects enough to breathe normally again.

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Scoring Her is the last book in the series and what a way to finish what has become one of my favourite reads of 2016.
In this novella, we are in The Bahamas with all the couples and as always this story is full of love and laughter with some craziness mixed in. 
The three couples are staying at the Atlantis on Paradise Island with the New York Maverick football team, only these guys know how to score a free holiday while promoting the team. Cassie and Thatch have baby Ace with them but they need to find ways for Georgie and Kline to babysit for them because Cassie has been cleared for action and that means they need adult alone time, what none of the other couple know is that Georgie and Kline are dealing with fertility issues and as much as they love baby Ace they are desperate for a baby of their own. Wes and Winnie have the adorable Lexi with them and life seems perfect but Wes is desperate for these girls to become officially his family. Will they all get what they want and need ...
As always nothing is off limits with these guys they will have you laughing out loud at their antics. I really didn't want this book to end .
Fantastic novella to go with a fantastic series.

A secret duo of romance authors team up under the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling pseudonym Max Monroe to bring you sexy, laugh-out-loud reads.


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