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Release Day Blitz: OFFICE INTRIGUE by Nicole Edwards


Nicole Edwards is releasing her HOTTEST story yet! So hot that it took over 230,000 words to tell and spans two books! 

The question is... Can you handle it?

​Book 1

Do you get up every morning, spend close to an hour or more getting ready, pick out the perfect outfit, make sure your makeup is suitable, then style your hair just so? Do you slip your feet into your favorite heels, lock your modest one-bedroom apartment, climb into your practical car? Do you drive twenty minutes to downtown, find a spot in the company parking garage?

If you do, then you’re very much like me.

However, I think our stories will differ significantly once you get to your office and I get to mine.

Sure, it’s possible you work in a high-rise office building in the heart of downtown. It could be any downtown office in any big city, in fact. New York, Chicago, Dallas. The location doesn’t matter. It’s even feasible to think that you’re a secretary for a multi-billion-dollar PR firm. You could even have four bosses like I do. Four mouth-watering, malebosses, even.

But, like I said, at that point, our stories will likely be drastically different.

​In order for you to understand why, I’ll have to start at the beginning…


​Book 2

Having spent the last two and a half months with my bosses, the thought of spending the holidays alone isn’t ideal. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what I feared I would be doing.

Or so I thought.

I probably should’ve learned long ago not to underestimate the men I work for. 
They do have a way of surprising me when I least expect it.

While I find myself immersed in a lifestyle I am still getting familiar with, spending time with my bosses is proving to be more than I’d originally anticipated. Not only am I experiencing what it means to offer my submission freely, I’m also experiencing something else.

Something that feels a lot like love.

Until they switch things up and make me choose between them. That’s not something I’m capable of doing. After all, not only am I falling in love with one of my bosses, it appears my heart already belongs to two. Except one of those two seems to be rejecting me and I’m at a loss. If only I could let things go back to the way they were in the beginning, return to our original arrangement. If I could do that, it might work out.

​Too bad my heart doesn’t seem to be listening to reason.

Book ONE - Office Intrigue:

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Book TWO- Intrigued Out of the Office: 

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This story will intrigue you as all get out. It certainly did me to the point of not wanting to put the book down.
Seriously hot, seriously intriguing, seriously will hook you!!
Not being well versed in some things, it seems Luci has landed herself a job within a firm that will see her doing all kinds of things. The story starts off rather in a mysterious way. I wondered how Luci would go especially working for 4 rather dominant, hot men!!!
Good Lord this book may cause heat......or something!!!  I really liked the characters, and the interactions between them all.
I wondered how the story would progress and I also wished I could be there for Luci, to talk about how she was feeling and coping with everything that went all.
Ahh I was on tenderhooks a lot!!! I'm anxious to get into the next book so I can find out how things eventuate between the characters!!!
A very interesting and enthralling story!!

Intrigued Out of the Office is the 2nd and final book directly following on from Office Intrigue.
The dynamic between all the characters has certainly changed and I wondered in what direction they will go!
Luci is doing a fantastic job as Secretary at the firm but with all 4 bosses vying for her attention you have to wonder how her head and heart are doing!
I admired the way she handles herself in certain parts but then there are times she is overwhelmed and needs to communicate! Trust and communication is key!
Langston I felt was a bit of a stubborn man but his twin Landon I kind of fell in love with!
The dynamic between Luci and her bosses becomes more in this book and choices need to be made! Will the men step up and accept how they feel??  The friendships and relationships made in the two book series were wonderful and I especially loved how it ended!
You need to read this series for yourself! Although I felt a little uncomfortable at times in certain parts of the story I really enjoyed it!

Office Intrigue is the first book in a new duet from Nicole Edwards but please don’t worry both books are being released on the same day and if you are anything like me you will be having a Nicole Edwards  binge read because once you start this book there will be no putting down. This authors books have always been hot but in Office Intrigue she really dives deep into the world of BDSM and this book is not for the faint hearted please take note of the authors warning as this book is not only about BDSM she also go takes us into the world of voyeurism, swapping and sharing with multiple partners, be warned you will get hot and bothered. This book captivated me, I was intrigued and I wanted to know more about the characters and the world and lifestyle they live in and this story gave me everything I wanted. It had the perfect mix of heartbreak, love and tension I laughed and I cried and at times I wanted to throw my Kindle at the wall, the characters are strong and as I followed their journey I found myself connecting with them all, I was an emotional wreck but I needed more and was I glad that I could jump straight into book 2.  Nicole Edwards has shown us yet another side to her writing talents, brilliant read .

I’m going to start with what I said in my review of book 1, both of these books release on the same day and you will want to make sure you have time to read both of them because once started you will not be putting down, but please take the authors warning seriously these books are not for the faint hearted and you will end up hot and bothered. In book one we got to know the characters really well and the lifestyle they live in but in this book the author has developed their feelings and how they cope once they realise love has now come into play. In Intrigued Out if the Office the submissive starts to gain confidence from the relationship she has built up with Langston and Landon but where does that leave Ben and Justin well let’s hope there is another story waiting to be published. For me this book pulled both books together and the characters I found myself loving in book 1 really stole a piece of my heart in book 2. Fingers crossed for a third book because I want Ben and Justin to get the HEA they so deserve. Nicole Edwards does it again with yet another winning duet or maybe series on her hands.


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