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Release Blitz: Heaven's Rejects Vol 1 by Avelyn Paige

Title: Heaven's Rejects Volume 1
Novels Included: Sins of the Father ~ Heaven Sent ~ Angels and Ashes
Series: Heaven's Rejects MC
Author: Avelyn Paige
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: May 25, 2018
Join the Heaven’s Rejects brotherhood with the first three books of the series bundled together for the first time.
Sins of the Father – Prequel Novella
Absolute power corrupts absolutely; it was a harsh lesson that my father learned too late. Now we’re all going to burn for his mistakes.
Heaven Sent – HRMC #1
Can an angel with blood-covered wings and the devil himself resist temptation, or will they risk bringing hellfire down on everything that they love?
Angels and Ashes – HRMC #2
When Darcy Kyle sticks her nose in the club’s business, Raze finds himself questioning his loyalty to his brother’s memory. How can he resist an angel bathed in the ashes of the fallen?

This is a boxed set with the first three books of the series bundled together. Having only read one of the books in this series (book 4) I jumped at the chance to read and review this boxed set. Ms.Paige sucked me into the stories from the start and I found myself saying, just one more chapter until I finally finished.

Sins of the Father:
This book gives us the background to Raze who is the President of the Heaven’s Rejects MC. Surviving a father who treated him atrociously, he did all that he could to protect his mother and sister from his father.

Although a quick read it was full of danger and uncertainty. Having been chosen as the new Prez, Raze want to change things and move the MC forward but he faces resistance not only from the outside but also from within.

We also get to know some of the other members and find out how they came together in the MC club.

Heaven Sent:
This is Hero and Dani’s story. Hero is former military and is now the VP of the Heaven’s Rejects MC. He struggles with PTSD and at times I wanted to cry as he fought his demons.

Dani is so feisty and I loved her strength and determination despite the obvious fear she lived with. 

Thanks to her roommate Ricca, Dani, is thrown into danger as the MC debate whether she can be trusted.

The journey of Hero and Dani was not an easy one, with many dangers and obstacles thrown at them.

This was at times an emotional read so be prepared.

Angels and Ashes:
This was am emotional roller coaster of a story. When Darcy’s husband, Jagger, a member of the Heaven's Rejects MC dies she hold the club responsible. She is determined to find out what really happened, not satisfied by Raze’s explanation. She has two children and a baby on the way, so what is she going to do?

Raze and the rest of the MC close ranks to protect Darcy and her children however Darcy doesn’t want their help, she wants the truth.

Complications arise as Raze is drawn to Darcy. As their relationship slowly develops, danger and intrigue will rear it’s head. 

A powerful, gritty story that grabbed my attention from the start. One click now and start your journey with the Heaven’s Rejects MC.

Heavens Rejects Bundle is a boxed set of the first 3 books in the series and as I loved Sins of the Father I was always going to jump at the chance to read this set.

Sins of the Father is a prequel novella and it really sets the scene for the rest of the series. In this quick read we get an insight into Raze, the man he has become and his rise to power.

Heaven Sent is Dani’s story. Dani has found herself a roommate and thinks she has found a place to call home that is until her world comes crashing down when she is kidnaped by her roommates violent lover. Dani will not stop fighting and she finally manages to escape but she trades one MC club for another , will they treat her any differently, will Heavens Rejects ever trust her but most importantly will Hero ever except the attraction between them.

Angels and Ashes is Darcy’s story.  Darcy blames the Heavens Rejects for the lost of her husband Jagger and now that she is left with two little boys and another baby on the way she needs revenge, will she ever move on or will her revenge cause havoc amongst the MC members. Raze mad a promise to Jagger to watch over his family but will Darcy let him.

What a brilliant read, plenty of action,intrigue, mystery, some violence but also a whole lot of loving. If you love MC Romance this box set is a must read.

Avelyn Paige is an international bestselling author. She resides in a sleepy little town in Indiana with her husband and three crazy pets. While she may be a Hoosier by birth, she is a Boilermaker by choice. Boiler Up!
Avelyn spends her days working as a cancer research scientist and her nights sipping moonshine while writing and book reviewing. She loves everything paranormal, Cajun culture, and wants to try tornado chasing as a hobby when she finally grows up. She just has to get over that pesky fear of thunderstorms first.

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