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Release Blitz: Foster by Sawyer Bennett

New Release from Sawyer Bennett Foster (Pittsburgh Titans, Book #13)


When Foster McInnis’ ex-wife flakes and he finds himself with full custody of his daughter, the nanny he hires brings a new complication—an attraction he can’t ignore, no matter how hard he tries. I love being on the ice and am grateful for my hockey career, but the off season is my favorite time of the year because it brings me my one true love—my daughter, Bowie Jane. Between my job and my ex-wife living across the country, the time I get to spend face-to-face with my kiddo is limited, though we make up for it with summers full of fun adventures. We’re thick as thieves and take full advantage of our time together, but the distance away from her is killing me. My fortunes change when my ex walks away and I find myself with full custody. But with the hockey season looming, I know I’m going to need help taking care of Bowie Jane. Enter Mary Elizabeth Archer—otherwise known as Mazzy. Highly recommended to me through the Titans’ network, Mazzy crashes into our life like a hurricane. She’s unlike anyone I’ve ever met and to say I’m intrigued is an understatement. But no matter how attractive she is, no matter how I crave to know everything about her, I can’t go there. It’s inappropriate. Just wrong, wrong, wrong, even though she might be the most right thing I’ve ever known. Being the indescribable force she is, there is soon no corner of our lives that Mazzy hasn’t impacted in a positive way. And my desire for more with her becomes far stronger than my misguided idea that I could ever resist this woman. Our attraction burns hot and keeping our eyes, hands and mouths off one another gets harder by the minute. It doesn’t take long for me to know that I’m all in with Mazzy. She’s my end game and, lucky for me, winning is my specialty.

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5 stars plus

Foster is one of the best single dad stories I have read in a while and it needs all the stars!. He may be a professional hockey player but as a dad, he is caring, protective and will do anything for his daughter. Swoon, am I right? I swooned so hard, I had so many feelings throughout the story and even shed some tears.

Foster has to get all his ducks in a row to be able to get custody of his daughter, with his ex becoming a piece of work. He fights tooth and nail to keep her by his side as well as keep her happy and safe.

My heart…..I cant even with how he made me feel. But having Mazzy, a nanny employed, to help look after his daughter Bowie Jane makes his job easier as she will be cared for when he can’t be there.

Needless to say the way Mazzy is with his daughter is enlightening and he trusts her implicitly with her incredibly nurturing way. I wholeheartedly loved everything about this beautiful book. The heartwarming moments, the insanity from his ex and the sizzling chemistry, all made this a story I just couldn’t put down. I need so much more from them all. 

About the Author:


New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Sawyer Bennett uses real life experience to create relatable stories that appeal to a wide array of readers. From contemporary romance, fantasy romance, and both women’s and general fiction, Sawyer writes something for just about everyone. A former trial lawyer from North Carolina, when she is not bringing fiction to life, Sawyer is a chauffeur, stylist, chef, maid, and personal assistant to her very adorable daughter, as well as full-time servant to her wonderfully naughty dogs. If you’d like to receive a notification when Sawyer releases a new book, sign up for her newsletter (sawyerbennett.com/signup).


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Cover Reveal --Score on You by Harloe Rae



  Release date: June 7th   
  Genre/Tropes: grumpy x sunshine / small town / hockey player turned bar owner / innocent heroine / opposites attract / obsessed hero / touch her and be unalived / neighbors to lovers 
   Cover photographer: Wander Aguiar 
  Cover model: Clever  
  Get ready for the cover reveal of Score on You by Harloe Rae!   
  This small-town romance features: 🏒 Grumpy x Sunshine 🏒 Hockey player turned bar owner 🏒 Innocent heroine 🏒 Opposites attract 🏒 Obsessed hero 🏒 Touch her and be unalived 🏒 Neighbors to lovers   Don't miss out on this captivating tale of choice, courage, and unexpected love! Stay tuned for the release on June 7th!   
  Pre-order your copy now: https://book.harloerae.com/ScoreOnYou   
  Add it to your Goodreads TBR: https://bit.ly/ScoreOnYouTBR   


  Blurb   I used to believe the decision to choose didn’t belong to me. This existence I’m living passes alongside the bars of an invisible cage. Until one night when there’s a choice for me to take.   The adjustment is a steep incline. Unknown dangers lurk in every direction. But those turns are part of my journey, which makes them treasures to cherish.   The most priceless of them all is crossing paths with Ridge Carter.   The former hockey star is intimidating but irresistible. He’s the opposite of the men I’ve been raised to fear. Rather than restrain my newfound freedom, he shows me what it means to thrive. That gives me the courage to wade deeper.   Ridge’s stony exterior rarely cracks, except for me. He’s different when I’m nearby and I like that. A lot. It has me seeking him out, but I never have to look far.   Maybe I should question his close proximity that has little to do with him living next door. I choose to trust instead. Ridge acts like I’m a bigger score than any goal he made on the ice. But the experiences he’s giving me are just the beginning.   And once again, a single choice has the power to change everything. 

      About the Author:   Harloe Rae is a USA Today & Amazon Top 5 best-selling author. Her passion for writing and reading has taken on a whole new meaning. Each day is an unforgettable adventure.   She’s a Minnesota gal with a serious addiction to romance. There’s nothing quite like an epic happily ever after. When she’s not buried in the writing cave, Harloe can be found hanging with her hubby and kiddos. If the weather permits, she loves being lakeside or out in the country with her horses.   Broody heroes are Harloe’s favorite to write. Her romances are swoony and emotional with plenty of heat. All of her books are available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.   


Cover Reveal for Something Unprofessional by Rory Maxwell


CR SU Banner

Cover Reveal & Giveaway:
Something Unprofessional
By Rory Maxwell

Something Unprofessional Cover

Split Rock Ranch, Book 5

Ev Bailey is done dating his bosses. After the last disaster, he’s sworn off workplace romances for good. He has a new job in a new city and he’s not going to make the same mistakes again—he knows he’ll never find his perfect Daddy in the corner office. Which is why it’s so inconvenient that his new boss is hotter than sin . . . and an expert at pushing all his buttons.

Gabe Diaz didn’t want a PA, but he has to admit that things run more smoothly with Ev around. The boy is easy to work with and even easier on the eyes. Not that Gabe’s going to do anything about it. He’s too experienced to make that kind of mistake. Besides, he has certain tastes that would probably send his buttoned-up PA running. Anything beyond a professional relationship between them is off the table.

Then the hottest spot to play in town hosts a New Year’s Eve masquerade, and with masks firmly in place, anything could happen.

They’ll deal with the repercussions on Monday.

Something Unprofessional is a 60k MM age gap, boss/employee romance with a sassy Middle who’s in over his head, a Daddy who should be keeping his distance, secret identities, only one bed, and two men who are terrible at following the rules. It can be read as a stand-alone.

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CR SU Coming Soon

Rory Pic

About the Author:

Rory Maxwell discovered romance novels on her mom’s bookshelf when she was probably too young to be reading them—the reward for being a nosy kid with great reading comprehension. The magic of a dial-up internet connection led her to the wonderful world of MM fanfiction a few years later and she fell in love with the genre. In 2019 she woke up with a plot bunny, opened a word doc, and started trying to figure out how this writing stuff worked.

Rory grew up outside of Washington, DC, moved away, and then came back for reasons she doesn’t fully understand. An artist and writer, she always has too many exciting ideas and not nearly enough free time. One day, she hopes to escape to the mountains where she can work from home and write as much as she wants. In the meantime, she splits her time between her day job and writing MM romance with heart, heat, and happy endings.

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Cover Reveal for Twincerely Yours by Eden Finley


 CR TY Banner

Cover Reveal & Giveaway:
Twincerely Yours
By Eden Finley

Twincerely Yours Cover

Cover Designer: Natasha Snow
Model: Ivan
Photographer: Wander Aguiar

Coming July 26th

Franklin University Series Season 2, Book 8


My twin brother and I have gotten ourselves into a lot of messes growing up. We would constantly switch places to escape consequences while protecting each other at every cost.

But sleeping with Ben’s professor is a whole new level of mess, because there’s something Jonah doesn’t know. He might have been Ben’s professor last semester, but the person he was lecturing wasn’t Ben. It was me.


From the moment I meet Emmett, I know he looks familiar but I can’t pinpoint where from. It’s not until I see his twin brother in the quad that I put two and two together.

Dating the sibling of one of my ex-students isn’t a huge problem for me, but I can’t help thinking the twins are hiding something.

The more time I spend with Emmett, the more I fall for him, but as my insecurity grows, so does my worry that I’m being played.

When my heart and my gut tell me two different things, I don’t know which to trust. My gut tells me to cut and run, but my heart won’t let me. Even though I’ve been telling myself to hold back, it’s too late. I’m already in too deep.

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Eden Finley Logo

About the Author:

Eden Finley writes MM and MMM romances and is most known for her stories about athletes.

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RELEASE BLITZ: This Woman Forever by Jodi Ellen Malpas


This Woman Forever by Jodi Ellen Malpas is now live! 

Living a life free of demons and finding forgiveness had always seemed unattainable to Jesse Ward. And yet Ava O’Shea offered him a chance of happiness, the possibility of a happy ever after. Their affair has been an intense whirlwind, full of highs and lows, and now Jesse’s finally on the cusp of realizing what he always thought was impossible.

Love. Marriage. Acceptance.


Except for one very important thing. The final part of Jesse’s past that he’s kept from the woman of his dreams. Because surely Ava will walk away if she knows about the most damaging skeleton in his endless closet.

As Jesse navigates his wild, infinitely passionate relationship with Ava, the demons stir, threatening to damage their love and trust. His domination and fierceness inevitably intensifies, ensuring he’s constantly straddling the line between bliss and complete irrationality.

His past is pursuing him.

His forever with Ava is uncertain.

And Jesse’s faced with the inconceivable reality that by simply bringing Ava into his world, he’s ultimately risked her life.

  Download today on Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo!

Amazon: https://geni.us/uXdPN4

Apple Books: https://geni.us/sXLOQAW

Nook: https://bit.ly/4awfFyx

Kobo: https://bit.ly/3RW1Bsk

Audible: https://adbl.co/3JXY2g2

Narrated by: Shane East

Add to Goodreads: https://bit.ly/3Sj7kc3

This Woman Forever is the third and final book in Jesse Wards point of view and it is gripping, emotional and also beautiful!

Jesse has a rather tragic past and you now get more of a sense of why he is the way he is. I loved knowing how he feels, how this tormented man deals with life, such as it is now with Ava by his side.

Jesse and Ava have such sizzling chemistry, but they also have certain things they need to overcome. The storyline was captivating and at certain moments my heart was in my throat. I can honestly say this is hands down an amazing conclusion to the series. Long live Jesse and Ava! Lord and Lady of the Manor! They have solidified a place in my heart forever! 

 Kudos to Ms Malpas’s talent for writing the amazing words penned. 

Meet Jodi

Jodi Ellen Malpas was born and raised in England, where she lives with her husband, boys and Theo the Doberman. She is a self-professed daydreamer, and has a terrible weak spot for alpha males. Writing powerful love stories with addictive characters has become her passion—a passion she now shares with her devoted readers. She’s a proud #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, a Sunday Times Bestseller, and her work is published in over twenty-five languages across the world. You can learn more about Jodi & her words at www.jodiellenmalpas.co.uk


Connect with Jodi

Website: http://bit.ly/JEMWebsite

Goodreads: http://bit.ly/JEMGoodreads

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Fjw6Cn

Facebook: http://bit.ly/JEMFacebook

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1756448714573353/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jodi_ellen_malpas/

Twitter: http://bit.ly/JEMTwitter

Bookbub: http://bit.ly/JEMBookbub

Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@jodiellenmalpas


RELEASE BLITZ: The One I Left Behind by Piper Rayne


The One I Left Behind by Piper Rayne is now live! 

It’s the classic story—boy goes off into the world to fulfill his dreams and leaves the girl behind.

Not every boy returns home, and I wish Ben Noughton wouldn’t have come back to our small ranching town at all after he retired from playing professional football.

I figure it’s a quick layover for him. He always wanted out of this town and off his family’s ranch. I just have to bide my time until he turns his back on all of us again.

Then he takes on the coaching position for the high school football team and starts milling around too much, bulldozing the protective walls I’ve built around myself. But he goes too far when he takes my son under his wing to help him be the best player he can be. Leaving me to protect not only my own heart but my son’s too.

Because I promised myself a long time ago that I’d never be the girl in the rearview mirror again.

  Download today on Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and Kobo!


Audio with Duet Narration by CJ Bloom & Robert Hatchet

Goodreads: https://bit.ly/44SPHm5

The One I left Behind is the first book in a new series by the authors and its off to a roaring start with Gillian and Bens story.

I wholeheartedly love small town, second chance romances and this certainly hit the right spot in that regard!

Ben has returned to his home town and family but seeing Gillian again causes certain feelings. Ben is swoonworthy, persistent and caring.

I admired Gillian for her strength and the way she tries to resist Ben. However, can Gillian forgive him especially since she has been through alot. Their sizzling chemistry is undeniable. Will Ben get his second chance? Is he back for good? One way to find out is to read it for yourself.

I cannot wait for more of this new series to come! 

Meet Piper Rayne

Piper Rayne is a USA Today Bestselling Author duo who write "heartwarming humor with a side of sizzle" about families, whether that be blood or found. They both have e-readers full of one-clickable books, they're married to husbands who drive them to drink, and they're both chauffeurs to their kids. Most of all, they love hot heroes and quirky heroines who make them laugh, and they hope you do, too!