Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Review Twist of Fate by Jamie Whitley

Lilly Hughes hates traveling, but her job requires it. Learning her flight gets grounded leaves her stranded with no place to go.

Silas Harper is on his final stretch of R&R and just wants to get to his destination when fate intervenes putting him in the company of Lilly. 

Intending never to see each other again they settle for one night of heat and passion. Denying their undeniable connection they part ways as agreed, but will they stay parted forever? Or will a twist of fate bring them back together?


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Jaime Nicole Whitley is a wife and a stay at home mom to her two children. 
She grew up in New Jersey where she continued her education and became a 
medical assistant before moving to Las Vegas. She now lives in North Carolina 
where her husband is stationed with the Army. Jaime also co-writes novels under 
the name Lena Nicole.
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 Twist of Fate is my first read by Jamie. I have to say like others I couldn't and didn't want to put it down. 
She had me the minute Silas sat down at the airport. Silas in the ARMY on his way home for R&R runs into Lilly while she is waiting for her flight. Come to find out they are on the same flight sitting next to each other. Silas helps Lilly and her nerves while flying. When they reach their next destination they find out flights have been canceled. Silas being the man he is get a hotel room and shares with Lilly. Wait for it, wait for it.....He wants to kiss her, he wants more than a kiss. They agree on a one night stand no strings attached. OMG!! I mean who hasn't had a one night stand? This one night stand though will forever change their lives. 
They go their separate ways. Years later they bump into each other. It is like sparks fly all over again. However Silas has a girlfriend Kristen.Yeah not an ideal situation. The one you let walk away and your girlfriend. 
Silas tries to talk to Lilly on more than one occasion. Lilly manages to give him the slip right when something very important needs to be said. 
One thing about having your one night stand that you couldn't forget and your girlfriend in the same area secrets fly. Things are said that hurt Kristen. Things that eventually end their relationship.
There was a part where I was screaming "no, no, no tell it isn't so, tel me it can't be?" I had to finish this book. I had to see what happened. I wanted to know does Lilly and Silas make it? Jamie sure does know how to keep you on your toes I tell you that much. You want answers to my questions too? Go get your copy today.

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