Friday, October 30, 2015

Review by Maimeo's Angels: Something More by Nia Farrell

Loving a biker and his adult film star brother came at a terrible price. Taken by a rival gang, beaten beyond recognition, and sexually assaulted, Rachel Givens saw a chance to survive by claiming the identity of the other girl who was taken and killed. She spent months recovering from her physical injuries but still struggles with PTSD. Add her three-year-old autistic daughter to the equation, and Rachel (now Rae Simmons) has her hands more than full as she makes a new life for them in a quiet little town.

When her former loves walk into the restaurant where she works, it’s clear that the Colson brothers have come for more than the plate lunch special. Once Rachel gladly submitted to their domination, but she hasn’t been with a man since her ordeal. She has triggers and issues and a daughter whose needs come first. Cord and Cam don’t care whether or not Hannah is theirs. As far as they’re concerned, Hannah is Rachel’s and Rachel is theirs – and they’ll do whatever it takes to convince Rachel that they belong together.

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4.5 Star 

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.
This is the third and final book in The Three Graces series and I was really looking forward to reading it. I loved the first two books in the series Something Else and Something Different and I couldn’t wait to see how waitress
Rae Simmons story would go down. I wasn’t disappointed, although just when it got really 
interesting, the book finished and although it was great I just wanted more.
This book is harder and edgier than the previous books in the series, dealing with sexual assault and 
PTSD. Ms. Farrell handled the subject well and I was impressed with her sensitivity.
Rae Simmons ran from a past that very nearly took her life. Now living with her 3 year old autistic 
daughter Hannah in Posey, she dreads the past catching up with her.
The past meets her present, when her former lovers walk into the restaurant where she works. It is 
obvious that Cord and Cam Colson are looking for her.
The question is should Rae run or stand and face her past?
I loved this book. The sex was hot and like the previous in the series there was ménage and BDSM. 
However, it wasn’t just this that made the story so strong. The author has managed to layer the 
characters to the point where you felt Rae’s trauma and recovery. I also loved the interaction of both 
the men with Hannah.
I really enjoyed these books. I do hope that Ms. Farrell considers writing another book in this series to update us all on the three Graces and their significant others as in my opinion this would be beneficial as I for one want to know how their lives develop.

Nia Farrell has been writing for pleasure since junior high. Now that she writes about pleasure, she can share the fantasy worlds she visits and introduce readers to characters who remain with her long after their tales are told.

When crafting a story, Nia draws upon a rich diversity of life experiences, which include singer/songwriter, prize winning needle artist, private pilot, Reiki Master/Teacher, crystal healer, psychic fair reader, jewelry maker, physician's assistant, factory worker, waitress, genealogist, period reenactor, and children's author. If this life isn't enough, there are plenty of others to choose from. Otherwise, she devotes hours of research to subjects outside her realm, determined that her stories ring true.

Nia lives on a farm in Southern Illinois (far, far from Chicago, in the heart of "Little Egypt"). A seventh generation Illinoisan, she is descended from Mayflower Pilgrims, American soldiers from the Revolutionary War to World War II, and Scottish nobility. She enjoys playing in the past and visits Ren fairs and historical reenactments in period attire, sharing her love of history and her passion for music. While her husband and two grown daughters may only read her nonfiction work, she appreciates their support in pursuing her dreams, one of which is being published in erotic romance.


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