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Release Blitz & Review by Alicia: Chrysalis by Maria Macdonald.

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Book: Chrysalis – The Emergence Of Emery
Author: Maria Macdonald 
Series: The Gifted Series
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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Emery never realized the kind of power she held.

Her whole life had been one long battle. Against other children, bullies, her abusers. Forever the outsider, living her days isolated and lonely. She didn't know that while waging her own battles, another kind of war was coming.

In just one night her whole life changed.

When she finds herself in danger, the power that was lying dormant inside of her suddenly releases, surprising everyone.

In the aftermath, a figure appears in the shadows – Elijah. With an air of mysteriousness and answers she had no idea she needed, Emery suddenly understands she’s not alone.

He's either here to save her or bury her. But with no time to ask questions, she takes the plunge, grabs his hand, and prepares herself for a whole world. One where she will be reborn.

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What Others Are Saying

This book was a riveting read, with unexpected twists and turns throughout. The storyline pulls you in to a world like no other whilst keeping it linked with our own, leaving endless possibilities of things to come. ~ Amo & Sarahs Book Corner

This book moves at a pace and I really didn't want to put it down. Another thing that surprised me was that I didn't really notice there was no sex until it was brought up in the storyline.

This is my first read from this author and I'm very impressed, I will be adding book 2 onto my tbr as its a slight cliffy ending. ~ Vampy & Racey

Wow completely loved it!!...Had not picked up a paranormal book in a while, but I enjoyed this one very much. ~ Books and Coffee cups

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5 stars WOW!!! Awesome book!! The author hasn't put much in the book blurb so I don't want to give too much away...
Emery has been alone for a long time but life is about to change.
When Emery is heading home, she gets cornered by some supposed men from her college and their intention is clear - to hurt her, things don't go to plan and they are soon dead and Emery is being whisked away somewhere by a stranger.
This book is filled with action, and just when you think things have calmed down, you're on the edge of your seat holding your breath again!
The characthers are really well developed, And there are interesting characthers but there are the main characters the story is built around.
The author fills you in on the group's history, powers and enemies a piece at a time, the same time Emery is learning - there is a lot to take in, basically there are light and dark powers, light obviously being the good.
This book moves at a good pace and it kept my attention the whole time.
This is my first read from this author and I'm very impressed, I'm adding book 2 to my list, this book has a tiny cliff hanger.... So I have to know the rest!!

About The Author

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Maria is a full time working Mum, she has two beautiful daughters, both of whom love books as much as she does.

Maria has loved to write since she was a little girl.

Reading and loving books, as well as blogging, has inspired her to write and publish.

Maria, her husband and children now reside in Wiltshire, England.

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