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Reviews by Jackie, Marina, Alicia & Robin: Heart of the Music by Kaithlin Shepherd

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 Title:  Heart of the Music
Author:  Kaithlin Shepherd
Released:  November 21st 2015
Genre: Contemporary / Rock Star Romance
Series:  Saints & Sinners, book 1
Cover Designer:  Claire Smith 
Publisher:  Hot Tree Publishing

Saints and Sinners front man, Jarrod Banks, has the looks and the voice that make women swoon, and he knows how to take advantage of every lyric and every wink. Not used to having to fight for the attention of an attractive woman, he can’t help but be drawn to his publicist, Patricia, who refuses to play his games. She’s the one woman whose love he’s going to have to earn and he’s not afraid to fight dirty.

Even managing a rowdy group of music sensations, Patricia Monroe is the consummate professional. For five years, she has kept her attraction to Jarrod under wraps, enduring his endless supply of women, but one day when locked in an elevator, revelations are made that could change it all.

When their relationship is put to the test, Jarrod is left with no other option than to pull every dirty trick in the book to show her she’s the only woman he’ll ever love.

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This is my first book by Kaithlin Shepherd and it won't be my last.
This is a romantic story about a country music star and his publicist. It has the perfect combination of humour and love but one of the things I loved the most was the banter between the guys in the band and their friends and partners, I loved how they looked out for each other and how they protected each other.
Jarrod Banks met Patricia Monroe met 5 years ago and she has helped make him and the rest of the guys in the band become the music stars of today. The feelings between Jarrod and Patricia are mutual but neither of them can see that the other feels the same way.
This story is told in both Jarrod and Patricia's POV and it takes us back in time which made this book perfect. It was great to read about friendship turning into a forever kind of love.
Looking forward to more from the Saints and Sinners

I really enjoyed this book! I thought the humour, banter and friendships were fantastic!
Is there such a thing as love at first sight? Should it be something acted upon if you work for the person?? These and a lot of other thoughts enter Patricia's mind throughout the years with the Band.

I really did love Jarrod, his whole appeal and despite his reputation, he is really hooked on one person and trying to be with her.
I loved the way the band members banded together, how they treated Patricia as family. The book goes through Jarrod and Patricia's POV's starting from the earlier years.
An enjoyable read and I cannot wait for more of this series!!!

Trish first hears the sound of Saints and Sinners in a bar, and with her help as publicist their fame takes off.  From the first moment that Trish meet Jarrod, the lead singer of Saints and Sinners there is instant chemistry.  Both of them deny thier chemistry for five years.  And when they do give in...the sparks fly.  

The first really awesome thing about this book is the way that the author sets up your desire to know more about the secondary characters.  By the end of the book, I honestly didn't know which band-mate was going to be my favorite.  The second neat thing about this novel is the sequencing.  The author has chosen to tell the story almost in a flashback format.  And the author uses alternating points of view between Jarrod and Trish.  This works really well, because it helps the reader to understand why the characters are acting the way they do.  If also make you want to strangle the characters because they would have the happy ever after if they would just learn to communicate.  

This is my first book by Kaithlin Shephard, but it certainly will not be my last.

I received an eARC courtesy of Hot Tree Promotions in exchange for a honest review

Heart of the Music by Kaithlin Shepherd is a romantic story about a country music star and his publicist.

Five years ago, Jarrod Banks met the woman, who would change his life forever. Not only would she make him the most sought-after country music star, but she would completely captivate him.  From the moment, Patricia Monroe laid eyes on Jarrod she knew her life would never be the same. For five years she kept her feelings for him a secret.  
She didn't think it was professional to get involved with a client.  There was also the unlimited access to women in his life that was a concern.  She had no interest in having her heart broken.

Jarrod is every woman's fantasy. He is a songwriter and the lead singer for the Saints and Sinners band. And, he's incredibly sexy, sweet and good looking.  But he was very humble.

The story was told from the third person point of view.

The story moved seamlessly between the past and the present. This laid the background information on the characters and helps you understand the challenges they faced.

The romance did not happen quickly. They took their time exploring their feelings for each other.  Along the way they battled doubts,  insecurities, and sometimes outside influences reared their ugly head. Will they be able to get past all of the obstacles and live their happy ever after?

From the moment I started this book, I was hooked.

My favorite  quote:  'You never have to worry about me leaving you because loving you is the reason I breathe.'

Now doesn't that just make you melt? 

The moment she spotted him, she reminded herself that this was business and she couldn't let herself lust after this man. For heaven's sake, she didn't even know his name.
As she walked toward him, he turned around at the sound of her clicking heels. When their eyes met, she stopped dead in her tracks. The intensity she'd seen in the man on stage was nothing compared to his intensity right now.
With a heart-stopping smile, he greeted her. "Hi." His voice was soft and raspy, like a well-aged scotch you'd want to enjoy down to the last sip. He held out his hand to her. "I'm Jarrod."
So, her fantasy man's name was Jarrod. "Patricia."
"So, Patricia, what can I do for you?" Sexual innuendo filled his voice, and judging by the flicker of lust in his eyes, he meant it that way. She could only imagine the kind of indecent proposals this man received on a daily basis.
"You guys are really good," she managed to say, without sounding like a complete idiot. Having this kind of instant reaction to someone was new for her. She didn't know why, but there was something about him that drew her forward. He was like a magnet pulling her closer and closer.
"Thanks. So, I've never seen you around at any of our shows before. Is this your first time?"
She wondered how many women had done exactly what she was doing right now.
Heat caressed her cheeks as she reeled in her lust and dirty ideas before they got the better of her, and answered, "It was. Thanks for making it painless."
"Always happy to pleasure a beautiful woman." Somehow, she didn't doubt that for a minute.

Kaithlin Shepherd is the author of The Callaway Series, The Brass Series and The Saints and Sinners series. 

Born and raised in Canada by a working single mom and a loving grandmother, Kaithlin surrounded herself with novels by Danielle Steele and Nora Roberts provided by her grandmother. Kaithlin quickly fell in love with reading. It was in high school, thanks to an English teacher, that Kaithlin wrote her first story (although if you ask for it, she will deny ever writing it) about a popular boy band. Inspired by constructive criticism, Kaithlin spent some time developing her love affair with words through more reading than someone would think possible.

After pursuing a higher education, Kaithlin, sat down with a pen and paper and decided to give writing a shot. With no false hope in mind, her first novel, Make Me Whole, slowly came to life. Putting fear and doubt aside, Kaithlin has published five books to date and has eleven more set to be published in the next two years.

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